George Washington National Forest: Buzzard Rock Part 2

Continued from Part 1

George Washington National Forest

The walk through the forest here in the morning on an autumn day is a bit dark, but George Washington National Forest is a beautiful place to hike.

Doe in the forest

In the forest we saw a doe…

Fawn in the forest

And after a fawn came scrambling through the forest after its mother! Aren’t they sweet?

On a more somber note – in George Washington National Forest hunting season starts in late autumn. It is definitely in full swing by November. Make sure you wear bright orange gear so that hunters can easily spot you in the forest.

Near the top of the Tuscarora/Massanutten Trail it gets a little rocky. When you get to the top you turn left onto Buzzard Rock Trail. From the turn-off point you hike 2 miles up and down along the ridge to reach the destination.


White Amanita Mushroom

I’m having trouble identifying this mushroom specifically, but I believe it is a Amanita mushroom. These types of mushrooms are poisonous.

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