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Takahashi Outdoors

Dear Readers,

My husband Yoshiyuki and I have decided to create a new website – ! This website will be a collaboration between the both of us.

Migrating from Digital Botany

I have been thinking for some time that Digital Botany (, was in need of re-branding. The name “Digital Botany” was meant to focus on macro wildflower photography, but our interests and posts have expanded to hiking and other outdoor topics.

Digital Botany is where I started blogging and sharing my photos, so I’m a bit sad to be leaving it. At the same time, I will be continuing the same work and more on Takahashi Outdoors. I will also keep the Digital Botany website running. So really, it’s not an ending, but a continuation.

My husband migrated over the content from Digital Botany to Takahashi Outdoors so that we have a basis from which to start. You might notice that photos there have the Digital Botany copyright mark. Over time, I plan to replace those photos with proper branding. It’ll be quite the project. But in the meantime, as Digital Botany is us after all, I will leave those watermarks as is.

Takahashi Outdoors

Why “Takahashi Outdoors”? We wanted to expand the variety of topics covered on the website. Shifting to a name that represented both me and my husband, and was able to catch all outdoor activities and related articles was part of this. I wanted a platform to share photos taken by both of us.

Going forward, on this website we will be sharing –

  • Our outdoor adventures
  • Photography
  • How-to guides
  • Gear reviews
  • and other outdoor-related things.

Thank You

Thank you for your interest in our blog. We look forward to sharing our adventures with you, and more!

New Social Media

Please make sure to follow our new social media handles:

Twitter: @TKHSHIOutdoors

Instagram: @takahashioutdoors

— Katarina Takahashi

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